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Meet the Spiced Apple Flavour Fairy

Spiced_Apple_Fairy_Master[1] (1)

‘At summer’s end, this fairy grapples

With the tastiest of the apples

And adding spice to nature’s gift,

Gives the taste an extra lift.’

Yes, our little Flavour Fairy carried an apple for this Pure of Nature, Mighty of Flavour infusion. We sought out the most flavoursome red apples and paired them with spiced notes of ginger, star anise and cardamom for a very flavoursome blend with that ‘extra lift’.

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Taylors Tea’s Ballet on Water – video

Flavour Fairies, fountains and lashings of lovely tea were the order of the day when we teamed up with Kew Gardens and Northern Ballet to host the first ever ballet on water last week.

Launching our brand new range of fruit and herbal teas in partnership with Kew, the event on Thursday 8th May saw the botanical gardens transformed into an open-air theatre. The specially commissioned show – with Northern Ballet dancers representing the Taylors Tea Flavour Fairies – was projected onto a fountain of water above Kew’s lake for a stunning, never-before-seen show.

Northern Ballet dancers sipped flavoursome infusions from Taylors Tea and nibbled yummy canapés with guests, many of whom won the chance to attend on our Facebook page.

Like us over there and on Twitter for future event information and competitions!

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Mighty of Flavour – our Lemongrass & Ginger Flavour Fairy

Inspired by the Flower Fairies before him, our Lemongrass & Ginger Flavour Fairy works hard extolling the virtues of his favourite botanicals. Pure of Nature, Mighty of Flavour just like him, his infusion includes a powerful kick of antioxidant lemongrass and digestion-aiding ginger with rose petals for a unique pink appearance, making the perfect tasty after dinner brew.

“Heaving home the ginger root,

Raising lemongrass in salute.

For this proud fairy, it’s something to savour

Creating such an enticing flavour.”

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The Chamomile & Vanilla Flavour Fairy Gets to Work


“The fairy of the chamomile

Carries her burden with a knowing smile

Adding vanilla to this summer flower

Creates a taste with depth and power.”

Inspired by Cicely Mary Barker’s original Flower Fairies, our Chamomile & Vanilla Flavour Fairy epitomises our tea’s promise: Pure of Nature, Mighty of Flavour.

Have you tried it yet?

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Meet the Sweet Rhubarb Flavour Fairy


We had such a lovely response from Flower Fairy fans to our nostalgic blog on the children’s books and the creative influence they’ve had on us, that we thought we’d introduce you to all of our Taylors Flavour Fairies.

Like Cicely Mary Barker’s original creations, they all have their own poems. Judging by the response on Facebook and Twitter there are already lots of Sweet Rhubarb tea fans who’d carry a giant stalk for the natural flavour so we thought we’d start with her!

“On sprightly legs the fairy walks

Carrying giant, coloured stalks.

She knows the power rhubarb packs:

A flavour to stop you in your tracks.”

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