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Take a Peppermint Leaf Out of Our Book


Call us biased, but you haven’t tasted peppermint tea until you’ve tasted Taylors Peppermint Leaf tea.

Of course, peppermint’s awesome post-dinner digestive benefits are well documented, but Taylors Tea Buyer Kate was keen to source the finest quality crop from which to make the most powerful and refreshing brew possible, too.

“We wanted to have a flavoursome blend that was beneficial,” she says. “But the flavour was paramount – and the extra health benefits were an added bonus.”

This is the only tea in our new herbal and fruit range with just the one ingredient… but that doesn’t mean it took Kate any less time to create it. She sourced fresh leaves from lots of different growers, ran countless tasting sessions (she slurps some 400 infusions at a time in our Tasting Room) then sent her favourite off to plant scientist Monique at Kew Gardens for the final, scientific stamp of approval.

With all that research behind it, it’s only right that we treat our chosen herb with respect. In fact, we’re quite proud of the fact that our teabags contain the largest cuttings of real peppermint leaf you’ll find.

To get the most out of it, Kate suggests leaving the bag in the cup. With herbs, she says, the flavour just gets better and better the more they infuse. Now that’s refreshing!

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