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Spiced Apples? Thank Kew very much


Men, this one’s for you.

Or at least, when Taylors Tea Buyer Kate was creating the new fruit and herbal range she found that men tend to like a nice, punchy spice to their brew.

The idea for the Spiced Apple blend actually came to her quite late, after she’d created the original five, on a visit to Kew Gardens. It would be lovely if we could tell you it came while lounging under an apple tree, Isaac Newton-style, but actually it was in the lab with Kew plant scientist Monique.

Kate remembers: “I presented the range that we had to her and I said ‘what do you think to this, is there anything missing?’. She said ‘I’d really like to see something with perhaps some cinnamon or some star anise and apples, because they’re all really powerful spices and fruits’.

Since then, we’ve found that this punch-packing blend is a particular hit with the boys.

Have you tried Spiced Apple yet? We’d love to hear from men, and women for that matter – please get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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