Daily Archives: 3rd April 2014

Think pink with our Lemongrass & Ginger blend


Brew up a Taylors Lemongrass & Ginger tea and you’ll notice something a bit unusual. Unlike other citrusy fruit teas, it’s pink!

Our Head Tea Buyer Kate, who formulated our new range of fruit and herb tea blends, explains: “I tried to make them look as pleasing to the eye as possible. The Lemongrass & Ginger one was originally the same yellow colour as the Chamomile & Vanilla, but I’ve added some pink rose petals into that just to give it a bit more vibrancy and a bit more interest.”

Thinking of everything – our Kate is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to tea – she requested our tea technicians use a fine tea bag material which turns translucent and shows off the potpourri of fresh ingredients inside.

The rose petals don’t add any flavour; Kate reckoned the delicate lemongrass and warming kick of ginger was flavour enough.  And they boast healing qualities, too.

“Lemongrass is a natural cleanser,” she says. “And ginger’s a fabulous ingredient  – it’s a great stomach soother and a great natural antiseptic. If you get a cold it helps to make it go away a lot faster. I drink a lot of it and, touch wood, never get colds!”

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