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A really tasty Chamomile tea


Chamomile tea is sold as the perfect pre-bedtime drink for its natural calming qualities. But while researching for our own range of herb and fruit teas, Taylors tea buyer Kate found that its slightly acidic taste put some people off the wonder drink.

She says: “A lot of people said, ‘I know I should drink chamomile, I know it’s really good for you, but I don’t like the taste of it’, so I thought – what if we could come up with a chamomile that everyone will want to drink?”

Her solution was to start with a really high quality chamomile from Germany – confirmed by Kew Garden plant scientist Monique as one of the best examples she’d seen -and soften the flavour with vanilla and a blend of orange leaf, aniseed, liquorice root and fennel.

Kate says of the resulting Chamomile & Vanilla blend, “It’s quite rounded – you get the chamomile flavour but it’s not too harsh as you’ve got the natural sweetness of the vanilla in the background.

“I’m not normally a chamomile drinker – but I do drink this.”

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We’re proud of our Sweet Rhubarb


We’re really proud of our Yorkshire roots, so when it came to choosing the very best flavours for our new fruit and herbal tea range, the first one we decided on was rhubarb.

After all, the famous Rhubarb Triangle – the coveted growing area around Wakefield – is just down the road from our Harrogate HQ. It means those conspicuous red stalks, and that curious creaking sound they make as they grow, are a real source of local pride.

Our head tea buyer Kate, who created the range, says: “”It’s my all-time favourite. I’m from Wakefield myself, and I wanted to have a rhubarb one in there to champion the local cause.”

But it’s not just the red stuff that provides the taste of our Sweet Rhubarb blend.

“It has got a bit of tartness to it,” says Kate. “I think people who like rhubarb expect that – they don’t want it to taste super sweet. But I used some secret ingredients too – for instance, there are apple pieces in there which lend it a bit of natural sweetness.”

It’s that balance of ingredients which gives this infusion its lip-smacking flavour. We’d love to know what you think of it – please let us know by getting in touch on Twitter.

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